Bitcoin slots for every taste and color

The bitcoin casino pleasantly pleases with the variety of bitcoin slots machines – and in this no other real institution can compare with it. Whether you prefer a historical theme, space-style design, or choose a classic version for yourself – you can easily find all this on the Internet.

At the same time, the principle of the game remains practically unchanged, only some of the details change, on which the volumes of payments and other parameters important for the player depend. What are the types of slots, and most importantly, how to choose the right option for yourself?

Types of bitcoin slots: classic and video slots

You can make a choice only in practice – it is worth trying various options to understand why the strawberry slot is better than its counterparts, or, on the contrary, to highlight significant disadvantages in it and give preference to other options.

Initially, it is worth highlighting the following types of slots, which differ in their appearance and placement. Namely:

 1. Classic slots are standard slot machines found in any real casino. The choice of options is truly huge, but most often there are fruit slots that use the following symbols: bars, cherries, strawberries, bananas, as well as bells and, of course, sevens. Most of them are 3-reel mechanisms that offer players the opportunity to receive progressive payments. It is impossible to deceive such a machine, as well as bitcoin slots. At the heart of any slot machine is a random number generator that is tuned to certain indicators. Accordingly, you should not count on an easy victory or think that the banana slot is more profitable than strawberries – the chances are equal and largely depend on how lucky the player is.

 2. Video slots are used in bitcoin casinos. Instead of the classic mechanism, they use software. Products for casinos are developed by leading international companies, so in most Internet establishments there are similar machines. One of the advantages of this option is the bright spectacular animation, which makes the gameplay more interesting.

Modern players prefer to play over the Internet, especially since you can launch slots for free without registration, choosing the most suitable option for yourself. Of course, in order to make money on this, you will have to replenish the account, but initially you can test several different machines, compare them and assess the prospects for future winnings.

Bitcoin slots: what is the difference between the number of reels?

Bitcoin slots for every taste and color

There are different types of slots, depending on the number of reels used. What are the slot machines? All of them are conventionally divided into 3 groups:

  • 3-reel – a classic version that is gradually losing its relevance. Bitcoin slots in casinos are usually 5-reel slots, which opens up additional opportunities for the player. But occasionally you can find the classic version.
  • 5-reel slots – they delight with a variety of different games, a large number of paylines, the number of which can reach 100. In addition, numerous bonuses are also available to users. For example, there is an opportunity to spin the reel for free or even increase your winnings. One of the well-known options is the book of ra slot, which will delight you with its original design and frequent payments. Many slot machines in this category have a progressive jackpot available.
  • 7-reel slots in bitcoin casinos are quite an original solution, which is not found in all establishments. But these machines have quite a lot of fans, despite the absence of bonus rounds and the minimum number of paylines. What’s the secret? The fact that it is much easier to win, despite the fact that the principle of the game is more complicated. It is worth trying out such slots with a monkey in order to understand what their “trick” is and appreciate the advantages of such a game.

There are also 9-reel video slots in casinos, but like 7-reel, they are not very common. If you look at the photo of such a device, you get the impression that this is a classic 3-reel version. In fact, users have access to horizontal, diagonal and even vertical paylines, a game in a bonus mode, and a progressive jackpot. Therefore, with the help of such a machine, you can win good money, although it will take some time to understand the gameplay.

Player benefits: multi-line, progressive and bonus slots

A separate category is worth highlighting the following types of slots, which differ depending on the type of payments and the availability of additional benefits available to the player. Namely:

 1. Multi-line slots – they have several paylines. Among them there are 3 and 5-reel options, respectively, if a winning combination falls on one of the lines, the user receives a certain amount in accordance with the used paytable. One of these options is the crazy monkey slot, which has long become one of the most popular slot machines.

 2. Progressive slots are ideal for those who prefer to play long-term. What is the difference between such systems? The fact that such mechanisms imply a cumulative jackpot, the amount of which increases with each new game – accordingly, sooner or later you can break the bank, which will more than pay off all previous failures. You can watch the jackpot increase in a separate window. There are a lot of options. These are both Russian slots and fruit slots – just remember the name of the slot you like to find it in the selected bitcoin casino.

 3. Slots bonuses – slot machines that give users the opportunity to go to bonus rounds and get various rewards. It can be an additional free game, and special rounds, moreover, in many such systems, a progressive jackpot is also provided. That is why it becomes clear why, despite the fact that the types of games are quite diverse, bonus machines are the most favorite among gamblers – they will please with a “live”, eventful game.

All types of slots have numerous advantages, so you should definitely find your own version. And thanks to the endless possibilities that open up for users of Internet institutions, it will not be difficult to choose the very game that will bring the maximum profit. Moreover, bitcoin slots can be changed constantly, or even play the game on several different machines at once – each user independently selects for himself the most profitable and promising strategy of action.

Bitcoin slots: special symbols and special features

Having figured out what machines exist in bitcoin casinos, and how they differ, you should also pay attention to the symbols used, which will help you better understand the basic principles of the game and understand the paytable. Initially, it is worth “getting to know” them in a free mode, and only after that you can play slots for real money – this will avoid unnecessary risks and financial costs. The following special characters are worth highlighting:

  • Multiplier – when launching the bitcoin 777 slot, many users in their hearts are waiting for this very symbol. And the reason is quite clear, because it will increase the due winnings several times, while it does not matter at all on which line of the reel such a bonus fell.
  • Wild symbol – the presence of such an image makes playing bitcoin slots even more profitable, because it can replace any other sign. This is one of the most common variations found in all types of slots, with few exceptions.
  • Scatter symbol – can appear at different positions of the reel. This will open the bonus game mode for users, or it will allow you to get a combination that can hit the jackpot. Almost all types of slots include this sign.

In addition to special characters, other features are available to users that will be very useful. For example, there is a certain function that allows you to stop the spin of the reels – by launching a volcano bitcoin slot, the player independently decides when to stop it. Trust fate or try to take it into your own hands – any opportunities are available in an online institution. Or you can even play in automatic mode, simply by setting the desired parameters and determining the amount of bets.

You can try bitcoin slots without SMS, registration or financial investments. Just start the game you like to understand why this entertainment has won the hearts of millions of bitcoin casino users around the world. And there is no doubt that it will be simply impossible to come off.